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Many owners say that they will never leave their dog in boarding kennels. However, situations occur when you are unable to take your dog with you. During these times, you have the following options:

1.       The dog stays at home and you arrange for a friend or relative to “dog sit”. If this is not possible there are professional “dog sitters” who will arrange for someone to care for your pet while you are away.

 2.       Have a friend or neighbor care for your pet in their home. This works well when the dog knows the home and the people. When someone else cares for your pet, you must accept that something unforeseen may happen. A normally gentle dog may become upset and escape. 

3.       Boarding kennels. This is probably the safest option since well-planned kennels are safe and secure. Many boarding facilities are associated with veterinary hospitals are staffed with trained professionals to care for your pet.


Will my dog be happy in a boarding kennel?

 Many dogs spend very happy holidays in kennels and look forward to going. Plan the visit well in advance and make sure to visit the kennels beforehand to verify that the facility meets your expectations.


How will I know if my dog will relax in the kennel? 

Despite the fears of owners, most dogs settle into boarding life very quickly. It is always worthwhile to board your pet for a weekend or a few days to see how they do before your trip. One or two short stays at a kennel will help your pet adjust to being without you and get used to the boarding facility and staff.  When you pick up your pet, check their general condition, the standard of grooming etc. which gives an indication of the overall standard of care received. Also ask the kennel staff about his behavior and appetite. Many pets that are unaccustomed to boarding will have a decreased appetite during their stay. This is normal but frequent, short visits will help reduce your pet’s anxieties.


How will I find suitable boarding kennels?

 Kennels advertise in Yellow Pages and local telephone directories. Recommendations from friends or neighbors are often your best source of information.


How will I locate kennels in an area where I am visiting?

 Follow the same procedure as above and also telephone local veterinary practices and enlist their help. We can give you telephone numbers of local practices where you are visiting or moving.

 Any special medical problems or dietary requirements should be fully discussed before boarding your pet at a kennel.


Are there any requirements necessary before boarding my pet?

 All pets that are boarded should be current on their vaccinations. Distemper combination, rabies and upper respiratory tract infection vaccines are universally required. Most boarding kennels will require written proof of vaccination and all applicable pet licenses prior to boarding your pet. Be sure to call and find out what is required to prevent last minute delays.